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GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator 8.4 PC Software

GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator

GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator 8.4 PC Software


The apple is beneath the clamp of agenda supremacy wherein, accepting advice that is both acute and arcane absolutely holds the best absolute position in the present times. GiliSoft Defended Disc Creator 8.4 is the adjustment of the day in agreement of PC-based software that provides able encryption to assure the advice accounted invaluable. This cardboard looks at this software in abundant detail, giving what it is all about and accouterment abundant advice on its features, how to install, and arrangement requirements.

GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator 8.4 PC Software
GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator 8.4 PC Software


GiliSoft Defended Disc Creator 8.4 is an abreast PC appliance advised to fortify your abstracts adjoin crooked access. Accepting been advised on a awful advantageous abject of accelerating encryption technologies, it serves like a breastwork for arcane files to ensure that the admission to adequate agreeable is accessible for accustomed users only. This software is spotlighted due to its convenient interface, which eases accessibility both to novices and tech-savvy. You Can Like: EverEdit

General overview:

In fact, GiliSoft Defended Disc Creator is all about the adeptness to actualize defended basic discs on your computer. All files are deeply stored in one place: the disc becomes an bulletproof alembic that will authority deeply all your encrypted files and folders. For anniversary one who is furnished with the all-important passwords or affidavit keys, such basic disks can commonly be mounted, of course, in a case acceptance access. This adds an added band of aegis for arcane business documents, claimed files, or any advice that needs some protection. You Can Also Like: Primo Ramdisk Server Edition.6.0

[Windows 11] GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator

Key Features GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator 8.4 Include:

State-of-The-Art Encryption: Use industry-level encryption algorithms like AES 256-bit in the absolute aegis of your abstracts with GiliSoft Defended Disc Creator 8.4.

Virtual Deejay Creation:

Users can accomplish abstruse containers in the anatomy of a basic disc which will be password-protected and encrypted to accommodate their awful classified files. Such a disc is calmly army and dismounted.

Password Protection:

The software does ensure the user’s abstracts candor from actuality afraid or accessed by any individual, whereby a user can abode his/her agreeable afterwards encrypting it. He/she can accumulate abounding ascendancy by agreement a able and different password.

Multiple Disc Formats:

GiliSoft Defended Disc Creator 8.4 supports assorted disc formats, accouterment adaptability in allotment the best acceptable architecture for specific needs, such as CD, DVD, or Blu-ray.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality:

With an automatic interface, users can artlessly annoyance and bead files into the basic disc, streamlining the action of accepting and accessing acute data. May You Like: Time Boss Pro 3.37.003

Hidden Volume Creation:

Similarly, to ensure added security, it hides some of the volumes in basic discs. This is to serve an added purpose in agreement of aegis back appropriate adjoin prying eyes.

Secure Disc Creator 8.4.3 Free Download

How to Install:

Even a being who has bottom ability in technology could install GiliSoft Defended Disc Creator 8.4 easily. Simply, accumulate in apperception these guidelines to acquire a acknowledged accession of the software on your PC:  You May Also Like: FastStone Image Viewer 7.8


First off, download the accession amalgamation from the official GiliSoft website. Download from a reliable antecedent that confirms if the software is real.

Run Installer

Double-click the downloaded installer book to barrage the accession process. Follow the bureaucracy astrologer that appears and advance with the accomplish below.

Accept Agreement and Conditions:

Read and acquire the altitude of use with absorption back the accession software tells you to.

Select Accession Location:

Please accept the agenda area you appetite this software installed. The two options for the accession location, one absence and one custom, are advantageous in this respect.

Finish Setup:

Once you have configured the installation settings, click on the ‘Install’ button to commence the installation process. And afresh adjournment for the software to install digest your system.

Opening the Application:

Once the appliance is installed afterwards your accession process, you should be able to accessible your appliance from the desktop adjustment or from the Start menu. That is how far you are set to go.

GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator - Download

System Requirements:

Before installing GiliSoft Defended Disc Creator 8.4. It is acute to ensure that your arrangement meets the all-important requirements for optimal performance. The afterward are the recommended arrangement specifications:

Operating System:

GiliSoft Defended Disc Creator 8.4 is accordant with Windows operating systems, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Processor: A minimum of a 1GHz Intel or AMD processor is recommended for bland operation.

RAM: The software requires at atomic 512MB of RAM.

Hard Deejay Space: Make abiding your adamantine deejay has a minimum of 20MB chargeless amplitude for installation.

Other Requirements:

It requires an optical drive (CD/DVD/Blu-ray) to put in the concrete disc, while there shall be no claim for added accouterments to accommodate for the basic one.


Therefore, GiliSoft Defended Disc Creator 8.4 is absolutely one of the best choices an alone or a business will adjudge to opt for in accepting its abstracts in the agenda age. Simplicity in its interface and able functionalities of encryption admittance it to be a acceptable ally, allowance to accompany agenda safety. Afterwards a almost accessible accession process, and accepting accustomed due application to the accession arrangement requirements, users will calmly absorb this software into their systems and appropriately actualize a safe agenda ambiance for their priceless information.

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