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Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196 With Crack Free Download | Basic Software Crack

Glary Utilities Pro

Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196 With Crack


Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196 has practically become a necessity to keep the performance and efficiency of the computer in the rapidly flourishing digital world. As time ticks away, systems usually get boggled down by unnecessary files, registry errors, and other related issues that could alter the performance of the system. Many software solutions have been developed to solve these problems, and one of the most popular and effective is Glary Utilities Pro. This paper focuses more on Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196, features and benefits, installation, and system requirements.

Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196 With Crack Free Download | Basic Software Crack
Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196 With Crack Free Download | Basic Software Crack  


Glary Utilities Pro is a powerhouse general computer maintenance and optimization application built for Windows PCs. It provides you with an all-inclusive system developed by Glarysoft Ltd., with the primary goal being the provision of a suite of utilities for cleaning, repairing, and optimization of your computer. The Pro version offers more advanced functions and automatic maintenance options with features that are serviceable by the free version, which is a must for all kinds of users who want to take better control and achieve maximum convenience in maintaining the health of their systems.

Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196 Overview

Background and Progress

Glarysoft Ltd. is a trustworthy company within the software industry, leading in supplying quality software for maintaining PCs. The development of Glary Utilities Pro has come a long way since its initial version, taking into account user feedback and the development of technology through the years to bring out a tool that is fully effective in optimizing PCs. The present version,, is no exception, with it, a lot of improvements and novelties that make this great application even better in terms of user experience and global system performance. Also LikeGlary Utilities Pro 5

Purpose and Usage

Ideally, Glary Utilities Pro would be the most robust solution in the market for Windows PC maintenance and optimization. The program’s prime concern is the numerous inefficiencies of the system, such as junk files, invalid registry entries, poor usage by spyware, and slow startups. This makes it a must-have tool for all those who wish to improve the computer’s speed, stability, and general performance.

Target Audience

Glary Utilities Pro is designed to be used as widely as possible and to offer an intuitive interface for beginners, as well as a complete toolset for the longtime user and IT professional. Glary Utilities Pro provides home users, business professionals, and system administrators the tools to keep their PCs clean, optimized, and secured. May Also Like : Foxit PDF Editor Pro v11.0.1.499938

Key Benefits

  • Better Performance: Glary Utilities Pro makes your system significantly speedy and responsive by removing junk files and healing registry errors.
  • It optimizes stability: it avoids crashes and freezes, thus increasing the system’s stability.
  • Privacy protection: Browsing history erasure and secure file deletion tools help protect personal information.
  • Easy-to-use: intuitive structure and one-click maintenance will be suitable even for those lacking technical experience.
  • Complete Toolbox: Over 20 tools are embedded in Glary Utilities Pro to provide services in any need related to PC maintenance. You Can Like : Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities Pro Portable

Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196 Key Features

Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196 is packed with many features that optimize and maintain your PC. Below are some of those features described in detail:

1. One-Click Maintenance

One of the most prominent features of Glary Utilities Pro is its One-Click Maintenance feature, where users can perform different maintenance tasks in a single click. It allows an owner to clean up the disk, repair registry defects, remove spyware, and do much more by pressing one single button. Therefore, it makes it very convenient for someone who has the need to maintain a system by running multiple tools.

2. Registry Cleaner

A registry cleaner is a program or software designed to scan, clean, and repair invalid and obsolete registry entries. The registry of a Windows OS contains one of the critical parts of the OS, which gets filled with outdated entries over time, which could slow down your PC. The registry cleaner helps to eliminate these unnecessary entries for better system stability and improved operation.

3. Disk Cleanup

It wipes away from your hard drive all unwanted, no-longer-needed junk files, temporary data, and other forms of unnecessary information. This not only helps recover valuable disk space but also assists in improving system performance. The tool can identify and delete files no longer needed, like system cache, temporary files created by applications, or even leftover files from uninstalled programs.

4. Protection of Privacy

Privacy Protection: Provides tools to erase history, cookies, and other indications on the Internet. Furthermore, this is going to be very relevant in the sense of maintaining privacy because these types of activities avoid unauthorized access to personal information. It can also safely erase files to the state of their original format, whereby recovery would be impossible, ensuring that your sensitive data is erased permanently. May You Like: Wondershare PDFelement Pro

5. Launch Manager

The Startup Manager lets you decide which programs you want to start with. Most applications, for this matter, are automatically set to start when Windows boot starts. This, in turn, slows down the starting-up process and, thus, the system’s overall performance. Managing programs to start up and those that do not allow you to do away with this and therefore enhance the system booting speed and efficiency.

6. Memory Optimizer

Memory Optimizer will free up system RAM in real-time, making the entire system respond quicker and better. This comes in very handy if you run memory-hungry software or at a point in time when the system just feels a bit slow. It monitors memory usage and optimizes it to keep your PC running smoothly.

7. File Shredd

File Shredder securely deletes files and is thoroughly irrevocable. It is essential because you can protect the information, particularly data that is sensitive, which you don’t want to be recovered by unauthorized users. The tool uses sophisticated algorithms to overwrite files many times, thus making it impossible to recover them.

8. File Unde

Have you deleted an important file by accident? Let the File Undelete tool save the day; it allows you to recover files intentionally removed by the user, which could be a safety net for essential data. The tool will scan your hard drive to find deleted files and recover them to their original location or a new one.

9. System Information

System Information gives you a fully detailed description of hardware and software. This will allow you to get information about your CPU, memory, or hard drives. With such information available, it would be invaluable in solving some problems and would shed light on the potential of your PC.

10. Disk Defragment

Disk Defragmenter rearranges the part of data on your hard drive; hence, it makes access time to files better and, in essence, makes the system overall perform better. With continuous use, files on your hard drive become fragmented, implying that they are stored in non-contiguous sectors. This makes the organization more efficient, a process that can help an operating system to boost its speed.

11. Driver Updater

The Driver Updater performs a scan of your system to look for drivers that might be outdated and offers an easy update. Hardware in a computer cannot work correctly without the respective drivers; however, some performance and compatibility issues could be due to outdated drivers. Keeping drivers up to date ensures your hardware runs at its peak performance.

12. Software Update

Software Update checks for outdated software and gives you links to download the latest versions. In this way, it keeps your applications updated with the latest features and security patches. Regularly updating software can also help eliminate compatibility issues and improve system stability.

13. Duplicate File Finder

The Duplicate File Finder locates and assists in wiping off the not-needed duplicate files, thereby freeing up precious space and reducing clutter on the hard disk. Imagine: duplicate files do not generally appear in one day but instead over a course of a period, especially from downloads and moving files around. This tool helps notice and kill these duplicates, saving invaluable disk space.

14. Shortcut Fixer

Shortcut Fixer scans for and repairs broken shortcuts. Your desktop and Start menu can become a real mess of broken shortcuts, which makes it very difficult to find the particular application you want. In general, this tool helps you maintain your shortcuts clean and operational.

15. Context Menu Manager

Context Menu Manager: Context Menu Manager helps users control their right-click context menu in Windows Explorer. The context menu often becomes cluttered with unwanted entries made by diverse applications. This tool will allow you to clean up and make the context menu look simple so that you can work with it quickly.

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How to Install Glary Utilities Pro

Follow the instructions below to successfully install the Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196 to your computer:

Step 1: Download the Installer

Visit the official Glarysoft site and click through to the Glary Utilities Pro download page. Click the download link so that the installer file downloads.

Step 2: Run the Installer

After the download, you will see the installer file located by double-clicking on it there (maybe in Downloads). The installation process would have started.

Step 3: Installation Wizard Step

The installation wizard will take you through the process. Follow only the usual on-screen instructions; in general, it is a matter of accepting license terms, and you can choose the place of installation.

Step 4: Complete Installation

Once you complete all the steps, click the “Install” button. The installer copies the necessary files over to your system and finishes the process of setting up. This may take several minutes.

Step 5: Launch the Software

Once you’ve installed the software, launch Glary Utilities Pro directly from the start menu in your application or double-click on the shortcut you designed on your desktop.

Step 6: Enter Your Licence Key

If you have a licensed Glary Utilities Pro, you will need to enter a license key to trail the software. Usually, this will involve running your program and then selecting an “Activate” or “Register” option from a menu.

Step 7: Configure Runtime Settings

You can then configure software settings based on your specific requirements after the activation. Some of these are schedules of when to run automatic maintenance, the tools required during the One-Click Maintenance, and privacy protection options.

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Glary Utilities Pro System Requirements

Ensure your system meets these minimum requirements before you install Glary Utilities Pro:

Operating System

  • WINDOWS 10
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit)

Hardware Requirements

Processor: 800 MHz or faster RAM as 512 or above

Disk space: 100MB free space

Additional Requirements

  • Internet connectivity for downloading updates and activating the software .
  • Administrator rights to install and activate.


Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196 is a powerful, all-in-one utility for cleaning and maintaining Windows PCs. With a full suite of powerful features, all of which are packed into one cohesive interface, the application becomes handy for any user. Whether cleaning up junk files, fixing registry errors, ensuring privacy, or increasing working efficiency; Glary Utilities Pro comes with tools to make it possible for you to maintain your PC in top condition. Use the provided installation guide documents to set up your system and ensure that it is within the set requirements, and in no time; you will enjoy everything this software offers. Regular use of Glary Utilities Pro will help make the PC clean, fast, and efficient to enhance the overall computing experience. What distinguishes Glary Utilities Pro v5.170.0.196 is a combination of robust tools, ease of use, and numerous support resources, which place it among the very best system cleaning and optimization software available in today’s market. For home users, professional business users, and even system administrators, Glary Utilities Pro can help you keep your PC in top shape and at peak performance.

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