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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 Portable Cracked Free Download

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 Portable Cracked

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 Portable Cracked Free Download
MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 Portable Cracked Free Download  


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician. In the current digital age, data is proved to be the backbone of many operations in businesses. The loss of critical data brings setbacks and financial loss, and in most cases, it leads to the collapse of businesses. Therefore, there exists a need to have systems that enable the recovery of lost data in a fast and efficient manner. Hi there, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 is advanced and most reliable data recovery software that can suffice for business houses to recover lost or damaged information which was important for their businesses from any storage device. This general software information—features, installation, system requirements, and overall utility—is covered in this paper. Also Like : Wondershare Recoverit v9.7.2.12 (x64)


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 is a business-based recovery tool developed especially for business enterprises. It is a robust solution to recover lost, deleted, formatted, or corrupted data from diverse storage media such as hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, and others. The efficiency, ease of use, and simplicity in handling complex cases in data recovery have made the tool quite popular. You Can Like: Professor Excel Tools v3.0
Developed by the world-famous software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd., the software is particularly designed for IT specialists and business technicians entrusted with mission-critical data recovery. It supports all kinds of file systems, including FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and even exFAT, which allows it to work in any situation where data loss has occurred.


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 is a business recovery engineered software for effective lost data recovery. No matter why the data was lost—accidental deletion, format error, virus infection, or system crash—this software can perfectly restore the data back to its previous position. Its advanced powerful scanning algorithms guarantee thorough searches of the medium of storage in order to locate and restore lost files. May You Like:Duplicate File Detective v7.0.88
The software runs in three majorly designed modes: Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Custom Scan, allowing the user to choose the mode that suits them best depending on the kind of damage done. Quick Scan should be preferred when one has lost data recently; in case of an in-depth look for the lost data, Deep Scan is applicable, while Custom Scan allows users to scan specific locations or file types, thus saving time and resources in the end. May Also LikeMacrium Reflect 8.0.5942 (x64)
More so, the interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 is user-friendly and hence eases data recovery. IT technicians and business people will be able to proceed with the software easily and hence have no problem since they do not have advanced knowledge in technology. It gives clear instructions as well as prompts in a manner that one can be able to recover data with the software in an easy way without any complicating issues.

Minitool Power Data Recovery

Characteristics of Major Software

1. Recovering All Files

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 recovers lost data caused by many reasons, such as accidental deletion, formatting, failure within the partition, system crash, virus attack, and other possible reasons. Strong scan algorithms are used to acquire data from storage media that are totally damaged and not accessible in order for not a single file go missed on your computer.

2. Versatile Support for Storage Devices

This application works with an overwhelming number of devices: HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, optical discs, and RAID. This level of complete versatility ensures enterprises that this one tool they can trust to perform the rest of their data recovery needs, no matter the count of supported storage media.

3. Advanced Scanning Modes

In this way, the program offers three scanning options: Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Custom Scan, which provides users the possibility of selecting the most relevant option. Quick Scan attempts to recover recently deleted files; Deep Scan is designed for the complete search of the entire storage device; and Custom Scan is meant to target specific areas or file types.

4. File System Support

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 will support highly file systems, including FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT. Therefore, this wide compatibility will make the software lean in support towards data recovery belonging to different operating systems and storage formats.

5. Preview functionality

The software permits the users to preview the detected files before accomplishing the recovery procedure. This becomes quite a significant feature that allows the users to ensure the correctness and relevance of the rescued data, hence making sure that only selected files are restored.

6. User-Friendly Interface

It also comes with a very user-friendly and simple interface, which allows even the naive user to the experienced guy in IT to use it with ease. The application is accompanied by clear instructions and prompts, therefore allowing recovery without errors.

7. Creating Bootable Media

In case an operating system fails to boot, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 enables users to create bootable media in the form of a USB or CD/DVD. This makes sure that recovery data is assured for systems that are non-bootable. Therefore, it adds another layer of reliability to critical data recovery.

8. Data and information protection

The software ensures that no data will write over storage media during recovery. In addition, it provides safe recovery options for private information, which can be important in environments where secure data is very much needed.

9. Technical Support

MinTool Solution Ltd. provides comprehensive technical service in the Business Technician version: updated updates, help in troubleshooting, advice from technicians—ensuring businesses get the most out of their software.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery v10.1.0 Full version

How to Install MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician

Installing MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 is pretty straightforward and easy. To install it properly, you just need to follow:

Download Software

Please visit the official MiniTool site.
Go to the MiniTool Power Data Recovery section and click on Business Technician.
Click on the download link and save the installation file.

Run Setup

Locate the downloaded file; generally, it is found in the “Downloads” folder. Click on the file to open the installer.
Occasionally a User Account Control prompt is shown. Click “Yes” to proceed.

Select Language for Installation

Select your language preference from the drop down list and then click “OK”.

Start Installation

Click on Next on the welcome screento proceed with installation.

Make License Agreement Acceptable

Read the End User License Agreement (EULA). If everything is alright with you, click on “I accept the agreement” and then “Next.”

Select a Site for Installation

. Select the destination folder where the software installation files can be stored. For most of the people this location is acceptable, so just go ahead and click “Next”.

Select Additional Tasks

Check any of the extra activities you would like the installer to complete under additional activities, like adding a desktop icon: click “Next”

Install the Software

After verifying your choice, click “Install” to actually have it installed. This will take a. Fully Installed

If you would like to run the software at the end of the installation, do so; otherwise you may just quit the installer. Click on “Finish” to close the setup.

Activate Software

The first time you open MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0, it allows inserting your license key. Just copy the provided key, which was received in email after the purchase, and insert it to activate the software.

Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery 10.0 for windows

System Requirements

It’s very important to make sure that your system meets the minimum specification required by MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 so as to guarantee maximal performance and without compatibility problems. System Specs:

Operating System

Window 11/ 10 / 8.

CPU A 1 GHz or a faster processor

RAM:  Minimum: 1GB

Recommended: 2 GB or more

Hard Disk Space: At Least: 200 MB of Free Disk Space Free space to save recovered information Display:  800×600 pixels resolution or higher

File System Compatibility: FAT file systems


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 is one of the best data recovery solutions from which most of the business firms benefit. The software has a most complete feature set, intuitive design, and excellent performance, making it hugely useful for IT experts and technicians at businesses. You need to strictly follow the instructions needed for its installation, plus the software must be compatible with your system in order to use this unmatchable software for protection and important data recovery. Whether it be an unintentional deletion, a system crash, or a more complex case of data loss, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Business Technician v10.0 ensures a safe and efficient solution for absolutely every situation you might be forced to face.

Serial(Sequential) Key:


License(Permit) Key:


Supported(Upheld document) types:

Email (all Outlook designs)
Sound (MP3, WMA, AIF, APE,)
Video (MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG)
Report (PDF, DOC, XLS, HTML)

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1: Extract File in WinRAR / 7Zip
2: Click Software EXE File
3: Apply Crack and Enjoy The Software.


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