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Virtual Safe Professional v3.5.2.0 

Virtual Safe Professional v3.5.2.0 + Crack Free Download For PC - Basicsoftwarecrack

VirtualSafe Professional is a product for secure encryption and decoding of records and catalogs. You can make virtual safes, that are put away encoded by a client characterized key safely in your document framework. Notwithstanding the standard usefulness of the freeware, Virtual Safe Professional gives numerous extra elements.
Virtual Safe Professional Additional Features :
Secure encryption instruments
  1. Virtual Safe Professional encodes information only with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) presently the most reliable symmetric encryption instrument.
  2. The client can pick between AES-128 – up to 16 characters for every key – and AES-256 – most extreme 32 characters for each key.
Reinforcement chief
The product can make programmed reinforcements of virtual safes. The activity, and the span can be set in the Backup Manager. This permits you to tie down your safes on your outside hard drives to forestall information loss of your inherent hard drive. Overmore harm brought about by outsiders isn’t rejected: With programmed reinforcements, you are certainly erring on the side of caution. You Can LikeCCleaner Professional Plus v5.84.0.1
Safe parting
You need to document your information securely? Then, at that point, you can part your safe effectively into a few sections and put them lighthearted in your internet based capacity or on plate. Just with the assistance of the expert part and all pieces of the protected, the information can be assembled back. Virtual Safe Professional places various randomized blunder bytes in the singular parts, which makes it exceptionally difficult ever to unscramble the information again – without obviously the expert part, which knows precisely where to track down the mistaken bytes. You Can Also LikeVMware Workstation Pro v16.1.1
Coordinated shredder
  1. By utilizing the coordinated shredder you can shred individual documents and catalogs.
  2. It is at this point not feasible to reestablish these records with any information recuperation programs. Incidentally: Temporarily put away documents can be shreddered consequently on shutting the safe. 
Virtual Safe Professional v3.5.2.0 + Crack Full Version Download Free For PC - Basicsoftwarecrack
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Highlight(Features) outline :
  1. Making as numerous and as huge virtual safes
  2. Changing the secret key for virtual safes
  3. Encryption modes AES-128/AES-256
  4. Utilization of keys/passwords of up to 32 characters long
  5. Programmed reinforcement creation on the event of specific activities
  6. Designing the stretch for the reinforcement creation
  7. Manual formation of reinforcements by utilizing the reinforcement supervisor
  8. Safe parting: Split the protected in quite a few sections
  9. Safe Merging: Merge a protected from quite a few sections and the *.MASTERPART document
  10. Coordinated shredder: Destroy quite a few records or organizers
  11. VirtualSafe Professional can consequently begin with windows and is concealed in the plate
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